About D.I.

We are Destiny Impact - a youth group at Westside Anglican Church. As our name suggests, we hope to nurture followers of Christ into Impactors - disciples who are God Chasers, Hearts Joiners and Light Givers. We want you to join us!

There are 4 zones (which are like cell groups) at Destiny Impact - Sophia, Kairos, Zoe and Rhema. Find out more about our zones below!

RHEMA - God given word of the moment (Greek)

Rhema is a group of brothers-in-Christ who believe that nothing can take away our identity as God's children. He speaks to us through His Word, and the Holy Spirit guides us and gives us insight (that's what Rhema means!). Our purpose is to empower each other to be an influence and inspiration to those around us, and to journey together with our eyes fixed on Jesus.

KAIROS - the appointed time in the purpose of God (Greek too!)

Kairos is a fun-loving and crazy group of brothers. We meet to bond with one another, to bless one another, and to be silly with one another. We hope to encourage one another and help each other become godly men, as we continue to follow Jesus and make disciples.

SOPHIA - the Wisdom of God (Greeeeeeeeeeeek)

Sophia is a zone of bubbly, cheerful and enthusiastic girls who enjoy fellowshipping with Christ and one another! We love God, His Word, and His people. We strive to know God deeper as we build each other up in His love. Together as a zone, we want to spread His love and truth wherever He sends us to!

ZOE - the Love of God (in Greek)

Zoe is a zone filled with lovable, fun-and-food-loving girls. We enjoy fellowship with one another through meaningful discussions, food and activities! As a zone, we desire to grow deeper in our love and understanding of God and to live out the God-life in our various mission fields.